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Sam Claflin US Shoe Size


Sam Claflin has medium-sized feet. Below is all you want to know about Sam Claflin’s body measurements and more!

While growing up, Sam Claflin aimed to become a professional footballer but after suffering an ankle injury, he began looking for an alternative career. During that time, his parents and a teacher encouraged him to give acting a shot and after doing so, he just fell in love with it. Sam graduated from the premier London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 2009 and then formally entered the entertainment industry. His on-screen career began with miniseries The Pillar of the Earth while gained his first international exposure with a role in the 2011 hit film, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The first major breakthrough of his career came with the 2013 hit “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”. In the film, he portrayed the character of Finnick Odair, a role that Sam later reprised in the next two installments as well.

Body Measurements Table

All body measurements including for example shoe size, height and weight.

Body Measurements
Height180 cm, 5’ 11”
Weight81 kg, 178 pounds
Shoe Size (US)Shoe size 10.5
Body ShapeSlim


"Going through the ranks and all the training you do as an actor, you hope you're going to make it. But there's a part of you that's got to be realistic and say: 'Look, it might not happen to me.'"

Sam Claflin

"In England, when we're at drama school, we spend a lot of time learning the craft from playwrights and stage actors, who are very well trained in the basics of acting because they need to get it right the first time - you can't have second or third takes when you're in front of a live audience, unlike in film."

Sam Claflin

"I quite like the element of surprise, and as much as I have my ideas, I always appreciate ideas that come from other people as well, and I love the mystery of not knowing."

Sam Claflin

"Get yourself into every audition that you can. Even in those for smaller roles, you'll never know when someone may recommend you for a bigger one."

Sam Claflin

"I used to spend a lot of time at football training, but that time was later spent in amateur acting classes and my local youth theatre, in plays at school and after-school clubs. That filled the void."

Sam Claflin

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