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Zach McGowan Shoe Size


What is Zach McGowan’s shoe size? Check out all measurements below!

Actor most famous for his television roles as Charles Vane on Black Sails and Jody on Shameless. In 2019, he began starring as Ray Sherman in LA’s Finest. His feature film credits includes Terminator Salvation, Snapshot and Dracula Untold, among others.

He was captain of the football and ice hockey teams at Ethical Culture Fieldston School, which he attended from kindergarten through his senior year. He later studied at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota.

He has done voiceover work for several video games, including Resident Evil 6, Iron Man and Universe at War: Earth Assault.

He married Emily Johnson in 2008. He has older brothers named Doug and Matt.

He and Clara Paget played shipmates aboard the Ranger on Black Sails.

Body Measurements Table

All body measurements including for example shoe size, height and weight.

Body Measurements
Shoe Size (US)N/A
Body ShapeN/A


My father is a Marine. My brother is a Marine. I almost became a Marine. I’m no stranger to fight training. I used to do jujitsu and boxing as a kid. I was a running back in football for my high school and my college. I played ice hockey as well as did theater. So, there’s always been a physical nature to me.

Zach McGowan

Fight scenes are hard, no matter what you do. You’re trying to make it look like you’re hurting someone without hurting them. It doesn’t matter how big and strong the guy is that you’re fighting or how small and feeble someone is that you’re fighting. You don’t want to hurt them. You’re working with them.

Zach McGowan

As you do on any cable series, if they introduce you as the villain, then you better start working towards making him a really good guy, or if they introduce you as a really good guy, then you better start working towards being the villain. Your character has to go somewhere, or else they become very uninteresting.

Zach McGowan

When I moved to Los Angeles, I was cooking with two guys who became celebrity chefs, if you will. I became their sous chef for awhile. We’d go to all the big names in Hollywood.

Zach McGowan

Every time you do a big sword fight surrounded by a couple of hundred extras, it’s a fun day at work.

Zach McGowan

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