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Rowan Atkinson Feet Measurements


Rowan Atkinson’s feet are indeed good looking. Find out his shoe size and more!

Having played one of the most iconic characters (Mr. Bean) in the history, there are hardly any parts of the world where Rowan Atkinson isn’t recognized. He earned initial recognition through comedy show Not the Nine O’Clock News and soon after that, his acting career just took-off. Despite having many notable films and television credits like Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually, Johnny English film series and Maigret, Rowan is still best known by the global audience for his portrayal of Mr. Bean’s character. Notorious for his comedic performances, Rowan’s success in the industry has led him to be recognized as one of the all-time greatest comedians. Aside from his professional work, the actor is also known for political activism and deep love for cars. As far as his family life goes, Rowan Atkinson was married to makeup artist Sunetra Sastry from 1990 to 2014 after which he began dating actress Louise Ford.

Body Measurements Table

All body measurements including for example shoe size, height and weight.

Body Measurements
Height180 cm, 5’ 11”
Weight79 kg, 174 pounds
Shoe Size (US)unknown
Body ShapeN/A


I would return to the Blackadder character if the opportunity came up. I have no qualms about that at all.

Rowan Atkinson

There is always that age-old thing about England and America being divided by a common language. You think that because we speak English and you speak English that you’re bound to understand and like everything that we do. And of course you don’t.

Rowan Atkinson

I have always worried about things more than I should.

Rowan Atkinson

Funny things tend not to happen to me. I am not a natural comic. I need to think about things a lot before I can be even remotely amusing.

Rowan Atkinson

I think I have an inner confidence that my tastes are pretty simple, that what I find funny finds a wide audience. I’m not particularly intellectual or clever or minority-focused in my creative instincts. And I’m certainly not aware of suppressing more sophisticated ambitions.

Rowan Atkinson

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