Richard Ayoade’s Body Measurements Including Shoe Size

Richard Ayoade Feet Measurements


Richard Ayoade’s feet are indeed gorgeous. Find out his shoe size and more!

Richard Ayoade is a multitalented British star who has gained widespread recognition through his work as a comedian, director, actor, and television presenter. Born to a Nigerian father and a Norwegian mother, he is the only child of his parents. Growing up in Suffolk Country, he first attended St Joseph’s College and then attended St Catharine’s College, Cambridge to study law. As an artist, his first breakthrough came through co-writing, directing, and also starring with Mathew Holness in the 2004 British horror parody, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. After that, he attained widespread recognition through the hit show The IT Crowd and since then has gone on to emerge as a prominent figure in the British television industry. Alongside that, Richard has also earned huge acclaim for writing and directing the comedy films, Submarine, and The Double.

Body Measurements Table

All body measurements including for example shoe size, height and weight.

Body Measurements
Height187 cm, 6′ 1½”
Weight81 kg, 178 pounds
Shoe Size (US)unknown
Body ShapeSlim


"I suppose I sort of like effects that have some organic elements rather than ones that are entirely generated by a computer. Just because, no matter how complex the algorithm is, it's still an algorithm."

Richard Ayoade

"I find performing very difficult. It's difficult to be a good actor. I get very nervous, even though it sounds disingenuous, because you could legitimately go, 'Well, why do it?'"

Richard Ayoade

"My parents didn't go to university and weren't brought up in England. They hadn't heard of any other universities other than 'Cambridge' or 'Oxford.'"

Richard Ayoade

"I'm not sure I'd hire myself in anything. I certainly couldn't be an actor. That would be terrible. For everyone."

Richard Ayoade

"No. I really don't think I'm cool. I'm not."

Richard Ayoade

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