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Nathan Kress US Shoe Size


Nathan Kress has tiny feet. Check out his shoe size below!

Nathan Kress grew up working as a child model and even made his acting debut at age four but after working for just two years, he decided to take a break from acting in order to continue living a regular school life. He returned to professional acting work at the age of 11 and made his first on-screen appearance during 2005 on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Since then, Nathan has continued to remain active and both the film and television industries but TV remains to be the main source of his success due to his prominent roles in the hit series like iCarly, Game Shakers and Henry Danger. Along with that, Kress has done plenty of voice acting too and has voiced characters in several animated films and TV shows. Moving towards his family life, Nathan Kress is married to London Elise Moore whom he met while shooting the film Into the Storm.

Body Measurements Table

All body measurements including for example shoe size, height and weight.

Body Measurements
Height170 cm, 5’ 7”
Weight68 kg, 150 pounds
Shoe Size (US)Shoe size 9
Body ShapeN/A


I’m thankful to say that I already have my dream job. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Nathan Kress

I definitely feel like kids do look up to me as a potential role model. It’s an honor, but it can also be a burden. I may be on TV, but I’m also a teenager. I don’t get it right every time. But I always do my absolute best to stay above board in every way. My fans inspire me to be a better person.

Nathan Kress

My new obsession is ‘Storage Wars.’ I don’t know how such a simple show concept can be so addicting, but I can sit and watch marathons of it.

Nathan Kress

Since I was very young, probably two or three, I had really good memorization skills. I would memorize stuff from TV and perform it for my family. I was the little performer for most of my early life. So eventually, my mom caught onto that and thought I might want to get into acting.

Nathan Kress

I do enjoy playing some sports, even though none of them are organized. I enjoy football most of all.

Nathan Kress

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