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Charlie Sheen Feet Measurements


Charlie Sheen’s shoe size can be described as average-sized. All his body statistics are here!

Carlos Irwin Estevez, professionally known as Charlie Sheen is an American actor born on September 3, 1965. He was interested in acting since his childhood and his first movie appearance was at the age of nine in the 1974 film The Execution of Private Slovik. In 1984, Charlie began her film career with a role in the teen drama Red Dawn. He gained his first major role in the Vietnam War drama Platoon. Later on, Sheen rose to fame by starring in several successful films including Major League, Young Guns and The Three Musketeers. Along with films, Charlie made his small screen debut in 2000 from the sitcom Spin City. The role in the sitcom bestowed him with Golden Globe Award and two ALMA Awards. Afterwards, he was cast as Charlie Harper in the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men in 2003 which as well garnered him with the nominations of Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award.

Body Measurements Table

All body measurements including for example shoe size, height and weight.

Body Measurements
Height178 cm, 5′ 10″
Weight83 kg, 183 pounds
Shoe Size (US)Shoe size 10.5
Body ShapeN/A


Boom, crush. Night, losers. Winning, duh.

Charlie Sheen

I think my passion is misinterpreted as anger sometimes. And I don’t think people are ready for the message that I’m delivering, and delivering with a sense of violent love.

Charlie Sheen

That we are to stand by the President right or wrong is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.

Charlie Sheen

When friends asked me, Can we help? I’d say, Not unless you can alter time, speed up the harvest or teleport me off this rock. I used that line from Star Wars.

Charlie Sheen

The only thing I’m addicted to is winning. This bootleg cult, arrogantly referred to as Alcoholics Anonymous, reports a 5 percent success rate. My success rate is 100 percent.

Charlie Sheen

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